Sunday, October 4, 2009

What kind of Patriot are you?

As you most of you may know I am a Libertarian with firm believes in what our forefathers so admerably fought for. They left King George's hold to be free from Religious oppression and Taxation. They sought freedom to own their own land and see fit what to do with it. The worked hard and never took the easy rode out. Last night I watched the movie The Patriot and it was an emotional movie for me to watch. I am not sure I have ever cried so hard watching a film. I think many years ago I watched parts of it but I never really sat down and watched the movie. It was, to say the least, incredibly moving.

Today we are religiously oppressed. People of all beliefs are told that they cannot express their religion, for example children cannot pray in school Christian or otherwise, children cannot refused to pledge the flag, and those are just two examples of how the government has oppressed those who have or do not have a belief in a God or Gods. Today we are taxed on EVERYTHING. What we eat, drink, touch, breath, heat our homes with, when we are born, when we die, when we work, when we play. We cannot live on our land, that we own, the way we see fit. If I live in the city limits I cannot have my garden too big, I cannot own a goat, I cannot add on to my home without permission, I cannot do plumbing or electrical work without a permit and fees attached to it.

All those things our forefather fought for are now meaningless to the people of our country. Thousands of Men, Women and Children died for those rights. The rights of free people of a great nation. We fled tyranny to create our own form of government slavery? I was already heartbroken watching what has become of this once great nation, but after watching that film last night it really has left me battered and broken. Why do we stand for these things? We will go over seas and fight for other peoples freedoms but we sit at home and let our own government destroy our republic? The irony is painful to say the least.

The question we should all ask ourselves is, what kind of patriot are you? Would you die for your freedoms? Would you sacrifice for your principles? Or will you stand by and allow King George back into your life and make all those things our Fathers, Mothers, Sons and Daughters died for be done in vain?

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