Saturday, April 2, 2011

Not sure what day it is

Easter is only 3 weeks away. I cannot wait till this is over. Being online is not nearly exciting without facebook in my life.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I hate this!

I want my facebook back!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Week One Down

Well its behind me. I never realized how boring the internet is without Facebook or Cafemom. I have made it though, only a few more weeks to go, no problem @@

Monday, March 14, 2011

I want on! Day 6

With all that is going on in Japan, I really want on fb. It is getting more and more difficult everyday to not jump on and see what the chatter is on this chaos.
I am part of a group on there that talks about being prepared for end of times, natural disasters, that kind of thing. I want to know what the word is over there. I am totally unprepared for a catastrophic event. I hate not having the extra cash to get prepared. I want a stock pile of canned goods. Tons of fresh water. Alternative light and heat sources. I have none of these things. All breaks loose we are screwed... Ok that's enough paranoid babble for one day.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 5

I am noticing that no one is reading this blog anyhow so why write you may ask...Why not I answer.. It gives me a place to go blah blah blah about my 5th day without fb.. I am noticing that the fb isn't my biggest issue, its the pc in general. Why am I so addicted to being connected? Is this a new phenomenon in today's world or were their similar vices in days of old. In the 70's was it the 8 track, or the 80's and MTV? I should feel blessed to be so close to so much information and to be totally "connected" with my family all over the globe. Are we really "connected" or have we replaced a hug with a stroke on a keyboard? Do people write letters anymore? Maybe that is what we should do, a family project. Letter writing! Who could we write? Troops, the elderly, family and friends? The Lenten season is about being selfless like Jesus was when he died on the cross..Maybe a nice letter to an elderly person with a box of cookies (homemade of course), or a box of needed things to troop in the middle east, or maybe writing a letter to a woman who is oppressed in the middle east by their laws.
We all need to let this pc go now and then and actually be in touch with people, face to face, heart to heart, and eye to eye instead of asking the keyboard to do it for us.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Taking our kids back

Last night I was sitting on my couch flipping through the channels and I stopped at MTV. It had been awhile since I had stopped there and wanted to see what was new. It was a new season of "The Real World". According to MTV is the highest-rated network among people 12-24. Really? The show I watched last night is rated R at least if not a mild x-rated sex show. They have 7 strangers picked to live in a house and the first night they get there they manage to have an out right orgy in the hot tub with total strangers.

If this is the show and shows like this are what our 12, 13, 14, and 15 year olds are watching what is the message they are hearing? Take off your clothes as fast as you can for anyone who asks?

It's not just this show but thundered of them. From Jersey Shore to Shake it up on Disney kids are bombarded with sexual images. Gone are the days of modesty and morality. They also encourage this behavior in the marketing they do to children from the Bratz dolls to the pop culture that has our teens hostage. They have even created a new age group to target, Tweens.

I know that it is our job as parents to weed through the garbage and help them build character and a moral ethic but our job is becoming painstakingly difficult. Do I think the government has an obligation to help us, no. Do I think we as parents need to be stronger than the corporations that fuel this fire, yes. The question is how?

Some of us have opted to send our kids to Private Christian schools or have taken them out of school all together and homeschool them. I think that is a start. Public schools promote sexual exploration in their sex education programs. Instead of saying abstaining is the best answer,be modest and have self control. They are teaching, we figure you are going to do it anyway so just go for it, see your school nurse for condoms. I support telling children there is a moral ethic, a moral obligation to yourself, and that there is no shame in waiting. At the same time letting them know that there are ways to prevent STD's and unwanted pregnancy. Showing both sides of the coin, unlike schools today who only want to show one side and in this case its tails up.

We are losing our kids. We are losing them to pop culture. We are teaching them that the gang on Jersey shore are the people you should aspire to be. Whatever happened to teaching our daughters about Amelia Airhart, Joan of Arc, or Abigail Adams? Today's standards would tell us our daughters are better off knowing, Snookie, Rihanna, or Lady Gaga. Our sons are no longer taught to be gentlemen and take pride in a girl who is modest. They are being taught to call them ho's, to get as many as they can, and to see how many of them they can get to make out with each other.

It would be nice if kids courted again. It would be nice if a boy wanted to take your daughter out on a date he would come to the door, shake your husbands hand, and treat her with respect. It would be nice if our daughters didn't want to be like the girls in the music videos and respected themselves more. If more people were outraged and get off their butts and parented maybe we wouldn't see it so often. People aren't outraged. As a society we have put our hands up and said, ok take our children and do as you will with them. A small resistance as started and I am happy to be apart of it. We are taking our kids back one by one.

Day 2

Well here we are day 2 and I am not sure what to make of day 1. Yesterday I felt anxious all day. I had a headache. I was super crabby. I guess you could call it withdraw... sad isn't it? All that is happening in the news today. I want to go to FB and stand on my soap box and let my mind flow on to the screen. I guess I can sit here and do it. Or I could for once, not give a care. The more aware I become the more vocal I become. Facebook and Cafemom became my place to vent my passion. I think my passion has gotten the best of me.

I didn't do more then I normally do yesterday. Being off the social highway didn't free my time up. Mainly because I felt so off I didn't want to get off my rear to do anything. Today I would like to bake bread. I would also like to organize some books in Caden's room. I would also like to start shopping for curriculum for summer school. I could finish my book. All the while I will be thinking of logging on. It is shameful! I wish it was summer. I would have so much going on I wouldn't have time to think about it.

Day 2 is here... let's just see how it goes.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Lent Experiment: Day One

I am what they call a "Cradle Catholic" Born and raised in a Roman Catholic Italian home we practice may traditions. One of them is Lent. If you are unfamiliar with Lent it is the celebration of the up coming Easter holiday when Jesus died on the cross for us. During Lent you are required to do a few things, one give up something you enjoy, help others, and fast on Ash Wednesday and you cannot eat meat on Fridays.

I rarely practice these Lentan traditions as an adult. My kids normally give up something like pop (that would be Soda to the rest of the world) or candy. This year I wanted to give the suffering a try. I then realize that the one thing that would cause me much suffering would to be giving up my social networking addiction. It was set in stone, I Tina Pabon, would give up my Facebook and Cafemom for the time of Lent. I will be a social outcast until Easter.

It then dawned on me, how sad is it that I am addicted to social networking? When I made the announcement of sacrifice some people were happy to see me go, which was hurtful. I guess my rants about things I am passionate about rub people the wrong way. Which made me realize what an effect these social sites have on us as people. For the first time we have that soap box to stand on and truly share what is on our mind. Once we share then other people can share it with more people and so on and so forth. What an interesting time we live in.

For the next 40 days I am going to pop on here from time to time and give the world my update on my detox from the social network phenomenon. I would love prayers, good vibes, chants, or whatever you want to throw at me to keep me strong.