Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 2

Well here we are day 2 and I am not sure what to make of day 1. Yesterday I felt anxious all day. I had a headache. I was super crabby. I guess you could call it withdraw... sad isn't it? All that is happening in the news today. I want to go to FB and stand on my soap box and let my mind flow on to the screen. I guess I can sit here and do it. Or I could for once, not give a care. The more aware I become the more vocal I become. Facebook and Cafemom became my place to vent my passion. I think my passion has gotten the best of me.

I didn't do more then I normally do yesterday. Being off the social highway didn't free my time up. Mainly because I felt so off I didn't want to get off my rear to do anything. Today I would like to bake bread. I would also like to organize some books in Caden's room. I would also like to start shopping for curriculum for summer school. I could finish my book. All the while I will be thinking of logging on. It is shameful! I wish it was summer. I would have so much going on I wouldn't have time to think about it.

Day 2 is here... let's just see how it goes.

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