Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 5

I am noticing that no one is reading this blog anyhow so why write you may ask...Why not I answer.. It gives me a place to go blah blah blah about my 5th day without fb.. I am noticing that the fb isn't my biggest issue, its the pc in general. Why am I so addicted to being connected? Is this a new phenomenon in today's world or were their similar vices in days of old. In the 70's was it the 8 track, or the 80's and MTV? I should feel blessed to be so close to so much information and to be totally "connected" with my family all over the globe. Are we really "connected" or have we replaced a hug with a stroke on a keyboard? Do people write letters anymore? Maybe that is what we should do, a family project. Letter writing! Who could we write? Troops, the elderly, family and friends? The Lenten season is about being selfless like Jesus was when he died on the cross..Maybe a nice letter to an elderly person with a box of cookies (homemade of course), or a box of needed things to troop in the middle east, or maybe writing a letter to a woman who is oppressed in the middle east by their laws.
We all need to let this pc go now and then and actually be in touch with people, face to face, heart to heart, and eye to eye instead of asking the keyboard to do it for us.

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